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General Odontology
Regular exams, cleanings, fillings, extractions, etc. Our professional dentists are experts in a wide variety of specialized services for you and your family. We stand out for offering fast, secure responses with state-of-the-art tools. We begin with examinations and check-ups to detect any problems you may have, in addition to providing you with a cleaning service and preventive care.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Teeth whitening, veneers, gum grafts, etc. Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide variety of services to highlight the beauty and aesthetics of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is important to help us improve our self-esteem and give us an incredible look that gives us enough confidence to improve our development and social skills with a beautiful smile that we want to show everyone at all times.
Braces, invisible aligners, retention devices. Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry in which various services are provided to correct dental malocclusions, including bite problems. Orthodontic treatments seek to correct the position of the teeth and jaws to improve their aesthetics and bite. These procedures have more benefits than it seems.
Oral Surgery
Wisdom teeth extractions, implant surgery, etc. Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure on the mouth and jaw. There are various oral surgery procedures and treatments that can range from root canal treatment to tumor removal. Some of the most common surgeries are impacted wisdom teeth, gum grafting, dental implants, maxillofacial surgery and root canal treatment.

Looking For a Family Dentist in Ontario?

At Beautiful Smiles Ontario, we are proud to provide families with amazing family dentistry in Ontario, California. We take pride in our modern and comfortable setting for both families and individuals, starting with our seamless appointment scheduling and ending with our professional treatments.

iTero Element

Digital scanner that provides instant 3D imaging of the mouth.

itero element beautiful smiles ontario
invisalign offer beautiful smiles ontario


Reach your goal faster and help your teeth align perfectly with Invisalign.

The CEREC System Creates a Ceramic Tooth in a Single Session

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Certified Orthodontist

In our dental clinic we offer a series of services with the best quality and preparation.

When it comes to specialized treatments, we have certified orthodontists with years of experience to offer you the best for you and your family.

Award certificates from detist at Beautiful Smiles Ontario.


General Dentistry

Building and maintaining healthy smiles.

dentist showing patient digital x-rays
Digital X-Rays and 3D:
Digital X-Rays Are Safer
At Beautiful Smiles Ontario, we exclusively use the safest digital X-Ray technology. The ability to reduce exposure of radiation to our patients
while increasing our diagnostic proficiency makes this technology an important advancement.
Digital X-Rays are also better for the environment since it reduces the use of harsh chemicals and other waste materials associated with traditional X-Rays
dentist using Intra-Oral Camera in a female patient
Intra-Oral Camera and Scanner:
Making your visit to the dentist easier and more informative is the goal of the Intra-Oral Camera. It allows our patients to be more interactive in the exam process, which provides you with a greater sense of understanding and responsibility about their personal dental health.​

Our Services

Dental Check Ups
At our dental practice, we prioritize preventive care through regular dental check-ups. These routine examinations allow us to assess your oral health, identify potential issues early on, and develop personalized treatment plans to maintain or enhance your smile.
Whitening Services
Achieve a brighter, more radiant smile with our professional whitening services. Whether you're looking to lighten discoloration caused by aging, staining, or other factors, our whitening treatments are designed to safely and effectively enhance the brilliance of your teeth.
Tooth Extraction
In cases where tooth extraction is necessary, our skilled dental team ensures a comfortable and stress-free experience. We prioritize your well-being and are equipped to handle extractions with precision, whether it's due to severe decay, infection, or orthodontic reasons.
Root Canal
For cases of severe tooth decay or infection, our expert dentists perform root canal treatments to save the natural tooth. We use advanced techniques and technologies to ensure a virtually painless experience, alleviating discomfort and preserving your oral health.
Dental Crowns & Bridges
Restore the form and function of your teeth with our dental crowns and bridges. Whether you need to protect a weakened tooth with a crown or replace missing teeth with a bridge, our custom-crafted restorations are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.
Dental Hygiene
Maintaining optimal dental hygiene is crucial for overall oral health. Our dental hygienists are committed to providing thorough cleanings, personalized oral care instructions, and advice on maintaining a healthy routine at home to prevent issues such as cavities and gum disease.
Gum Disease
Addressing gum disease is paramount to preserving your smile. Our comprehensive gum disease treatments include scaling, root planing, and other advanced therapies to restore gum health and prevent further complications.

Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

We provide emergency dental care when you need it. Just walk-in or give us a call.

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